How Sticky Rice Taught Me a Life Lesson


Are you in the middle of a "sticky" situation? Maybe you need to let it dry.

Last night, I watched in part joy and part frustration as my girls got their “nom nom” on with the sticky rice I’d made. While I always enjoy seeing the girls devour my food, I realized that cleaning this mess (on the floor, table, high chair, everywhere) was going to be extremely difficult. After all, it’s called sticky rice for a reason. Duh. 

After several vain attempts at wiping, picking and sweeping, it hit me. The more I tried to fix the problem, the worse it got. It was just going to have to wait until the morning, when it was dry and easier to clean. Sure enough, one pass with the vacuum after I got up, and it was gone (well, I’m still finding random pieces in strange places). 

It’s funny how life can teach you lessons during even the most benign situations. Sometimes, we encounter sticky situations in our personal or professional lives that need to be left alone for awhile before we can find a solution. As difficult as it is to let a mess lie, it’s often necessary in order to avoid making a bad set of circumstances even worse.