Let’s Hear it for the Homemakers


Anna Lou and Betty Lou

Today, the girls and I were blessed to spend our time with an amazing woman, my Aunt Betty. She has been both my rock and my soft place to land for as long as I can remember. When things get all topsy-turvy, she’s always there  with a spare bed, hot coffee, and the world’s best chicken soup.

We’re so close, in fact, that Anna shares her middle name, Lou. My father has always told me that I come from a long line of strong women, and I’m honored to pass this legacy on to my daughters. It’s funny, though, that I never fully appreciated all she’s been through until this season in my life.

She’s never really had what you’d call a traditional career. She’s never climbed any corporate ladders, or won any mucky-muck awards. She is what you’d call a homemaker. While some might scoff at the title, I realize now just how important it is to have homemakers in our lives.

You see, she works harder than most people I know. Her home is a warm, friendly safe-haven for her multitudes of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and even great nieces (like my girls). She always has time to run an errand for you, keep the kids for a few hours while you shop for groceries, or just listen as you pour your heart out over several cups of coffee.

As I begin to comprehend the influence she’s had in my life, it gives me renewed hope and a sense of purpose. My traditional career had been at the center of my life for a long time, and I derived my sense of worth from my successes. Now that my role has changed, I’m beginning to see that our true worth isn’t in how far we can advance ourselves, but in how far we can advance the ones we love.