Note to Self: You Ran

Hello there. It’s late. You’re tired. But not as tired as you’d expected. You’ve still got a few more hours of work to do, and you just might make it. You’ve been a specimen of productivity today, kicking your to-do list’s tushy and takin’ names. And you did this on only 1.5 cups of coffee and NO pop! Amazing. So, what’s your secret? What gave you this steady stream of energy today?

You remember, right? You got up this morning…and ran. You laced up your clunky running shoes, squeezed into your too-tight running shorts, threw your badly-in-need-of-a-cut hair up into a ponytail and you ran. You ran as hard as you could, and as long as you could. You sweated. You gasped. You ran. Your thighs jiggled, but you ran. Your feet turned to lead, but you ran. Your breathing was labored, but you ran.

You. Ran.

By Peter van der Sluijs (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

You collapsed back into your car after only a short distance. You didn’t catch your breath until you were several miles down the road. Your sweat created a sealant between your skin and the leather seat. You limped into the house. Your soaked sports bra adhered to your skin, giving you a mini panic attack before getting in the shower. You washed the sweat away, but the feeling remained. The high. The sense of accomplishment.

You. Ran.

Do it again. Soon.

Love, Me


9 thoughts on “Note to Self: You Ran

    • Yes! We need to see a video of that! :-) I’m no runner, either. I’ve just found that no other workout makes me feel quite as satisfied when I’m done. I don’t enjoy the process, though!

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