Hot diggity dog! Now I can be dainty AND write with my OWN pen!

Friends, I’ve got some great news. For years, I’ve been dreaming of doing just one thing…writing…with a pen. But up until now, I’ve had to labor away at the keyboard, unable to sign my daughter’s enrollment form at preschool, the loan paperwork for my mortgage, and the checks we give to charity. My husband, with his big masculine hands, has been the only one able to pick up a writing utensil.

But now, thanks to the brilliant minds at Bic, I have reason to rejoice. Finally…FINALLY…a company listened. For years, I’ve been typing correspondence to pen manufacturers begging them to please consider the majority of the population when making their products. After all, at only 5′ 10″, I’m somewhat of a weakling. I’ve only birthed two children, and just couldn’t muster the strength to pick up a several-ounce piece of plastic…until now.

Yes, writing is in your near future! Pay just slightly more than a “man’s” pen and it’s yours!

Ladies, meet the Cristal Ball Pen for HER. That’s right! Product features include:

– Elegant design – just for her!
– Medium 1.0 mm point, Black ink
– Thin barrel to fit a women’s hand
– Medium 1.0 mm point
– Black ink

Can I hear a collective “ooh” and how about an “ahh?” You know, only the kind reserved for opening gifts at wedding and baby showers? What? You’re not impressed? Well, truth be told, neither am I. I’m not angry, just perplexed. I mean, I’m supportive of the “feminization” of some products (t-shirts, hello), but pens, really? Really?! This is just silly. Super silly. What’s next? Declaring that a certain brand of diet pop is only for men? Oh wait…

(Turns out I’m not the only one perplexed by this. Read GMA’s story here. Also, make sure you read the reviews on Amazon. Hilarious!)


13 thoughts on “Hot diggity dog! Now I can be dainty AND write with my OWN pen!

  1. Though I will say that I’ve been really irritated by the fact that pens are getting fatter than crayola markers in the name of comfort. Since I’m convinced my hands stopped growing when I was ten, I can’t a modern “comfort” pen unless I grip it like a 3-year-old trying to master crayons. Still, I love my Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine pens. Take those away and I’ll never write again. And they’re not even pink.

  2. This might be the most ridiculous thing i’ve seen all week – and i live ridiculous. Really, they do focus groups to come up with this stuff?? I want to meet the genius in charge of product development for Bic. Having said that, i’m still amused. :)

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