Never Mind Grandma’s Missing Pants


Yes, this picture is creepy. That’s the point.

Do you notice something strange about this doll? I mean, besides her missing pants. (She was a garage sale find given to Anna by her great aunt, and perfectly sized for Anna’s new doll house. We can find new pants for her someday, right?) Yes, my creative mind immediately began concocting fantastical tales about how this silver haired plastic figurine may have lost the bottom half of her wardrobe.

But my daughter pointed out something else. Something much more insightful than my 12-year-old humor, “I see London, I See France…”

When I handed her the doll, she held it in her little hand, and stared intently for at least minute. ¬†Certain she would ask about the “wardrobe malfunction,” I prodded her with, “Honey, do you notice something strange about the doll?”

Her answer blew me away. “Mommy, what’s wrong with her face? She’s supposed to be a grandma, but her face isn’t old.”

Wow. Although I had noticed this cosmetic contradiction, I certainly didn’t think my daughter would pick up on it. How should I answer? Tell her the dolls are mass produced and in order to keep costs down they just switch out hair and clothes? Tell her that marketing research shows nobody wants to buy “old” looking dolls? Despite this manufacturer’s attempt at giving our senior generation a little respect, their misguided attempt falls short. Yes, this “silver fox” has a sweater set and sensible loafers, but her face doesn’t reflect the beauty of a grandma’s well-earned laugh lines. It shows no experience or wisdom, only youth.

So, I answered my daughter’s question the only way I knew how. I told her the truth. “Honey, they must have made a mistake.”




2 thoughts on “Never Mind Grandma’s Missing Pants

  1. I had a Cinderella set for Barbie that came with a mask of the evil stepmother, so you could dress up one of your dolls as her (rather than buying a separate stepmother doll). The mask was TERRIFYING to me for some reason. Of course, it was just an ugly old woman mask, but for some reason it freaked me out. I remember burying it at the bottom of my box of doll stuff and almost never using it.

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