Someone Please Make It Stop!

If I ever said I couldn’t wait for my daughter to get a little bit more independent, I take it back. If I ever said  I can’t wait until she’s (insert age here) so she’s a little less emotional, I take it all back. All of the milestones I celebrated and encouraged, I wish they’d taken longer to happen. She just turned three, and yet her development has gone into double-time. I can still feel the smoothness of the top her infant head on my cheek as I rocked her so many nights ago. I can still see the hilarious faces she used to make when she yawned as a wrinkly, squawking newborn. She is wonderful. And beautiful. And she’s ours. I delight in seeing her make new discoveries. But someone, please make it stop! Give me back that squishy little baby, that snuggly little toddler, that “I need my mommy for everything” girl of not long ago. She’s just growing up way too darn fast. :-(


Photo Courtesy CLG Photography


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