Parents: Let’s Get This Starty Parted!!!


Parenting is messy. But sometimes it’s more fun that way!

No, that’s not a typo in the headline. This is my toddler’s favorite new expression. One that she says all wrong, but I just can’t bring myself to correct. It’s the sparkle in her eyes, the delight on her face as dances around the kitchen and wiggles her limbs. 

Parenting little ones, at times, is like a party. It’s fun, unpredictable, and there’s always a mess to clean up afterwards. Some appreciate your efforts, others just show up and judge. But it’s fun. Or at least the intention is to have fun, no matter how it actually plays out. 

Before the guests arrive, your house is fairly quiet. You’ve spent time shopping, cleaning, fantasizing about all the fun to be had. Everything’s prepared, laid out in it’s proper place. Once the guests start to arrive, it gets noisier. But it’s a good noise. A great noise. Laughter. Embraces. Dancing.

At it’s peak, it’s loud, and the energy pulsing throughout your house is palpable. Memories are made, food is consumed, drinks are spilled. This is the stuff of life. Your cheeks hurt from laughing, your feet ache from dancing. But you don’t care. It’s worth the pain. And the mess.

When the guests start to leave, you’re a bit sad, but looking forward to some rest. Dishes are strewn about the house. Food is in the crevices of your couch. And there’s a smell. You’re not sure what it is, but there’s a smell. The silence rings in your ears, and as you lay your head down to rest, you start planning your next fiesta.

It only lasts a short while, but the planning, preparation and cleanup, are all worth it. So, parents, let’s get this starty parted!!!


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