A Sweet New Unsweet Tradition

Sometimes, the Easter Bunny needs to shake things up a little. We were reminded of that today when instead of candy in the eggs hidden at Grandma and Grandpa Poland’s house, the girls found money (quarters, dimes and nickels) and small toys. 

Although Anna was old enough to notice a difference, “Hey, where are the jelly beans?!”, Erica was none the wiser, and was just happy to roam in the yard at her will. All the kids had a complete blast, despite the lack of sugary morsels stuffed inside of the hidden orbs. 

As a parent, I was so grateful that the Easter Bunny took a stand against the traditional candy-infested holiday, and instead opted for a healthy, practical alternative. After my toddler insisted on eating jelly beans on top of her pancakes for breakfast this morning, I’ll make sure the Easter Bunny knows that we’d like to start a new tradition in our own house next year. :-)


These two are sweet enough without all that sugar.


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