Sowing Memories in a Garden of Love: Best Day Ever

Today was a magical day. The kind of day you savor long after it’s over, like licking greasy barbecue sauce off your fingers after nibbling a juicy rib down to the bone.

I was up at five, started a pot of coffee and scrambled up a batch of our very own free-range chicken eggs. I delighted in the sounds of Gungor on Spotify, and sat at the kitchen table with my husband, sipping coffee and enjoying adult conversation.

I had about another half hour to myself after he left for work, and both Anna and Erica were in fabulous moods when they woke up. Turns out the beginning of my post from yesterday wasn’t just a pipe dream after all.

We spent several hours in the morning working in our garden at my parent’s. The weather was perfect. The girls were perfect. Despite my challenges with botanic endeavors, the day was perfect.


I may not be able to grow a lush garden, but I can grow cute kids!


Anna picked out the overalls and boots so she would look like "a real farmer."


Our peas made an appearance! Hallelujah!


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