SAHM I Am – Day 1

Much like I expected, my first day as a SAHM got off to a glorious start. I slept in late, then luxuriated over a cup of coffee while listening to the birds chirp “good morning” through the open kitchen window. I whistled a happy little tune while preparing a delicious, healthy breakfast for my darling daughters. A giggling sound floated down the stairs as Erica awoke, and Anna skipped down to breakfast with a smile on her face as warm as the April sunshine. (Ok, if you’re still reading along, thinking  this is an accurate depiction of my morning, then you’re insane, or naive, or both.)

It’s  a little early to tell what life as a SAHM (or WAHM, or whatever) will be like. I can tell you right now there’s one thing I’ll miss about being a professional mom…silence. Hours of commuting and working from a home office provided a respite from screaming, whining, begging and other unpleasant sounds. I think I can count on one hand the number of minutes I’ve had to myself today. (As I type, Anna is jabbering in my ear and Erica is upstairs vocalizing her retaliation to bedtime.) Although it’s no less stressful than balancing full-time work/home life (I took them both to Walmart, for pete’s sake), I don’t feel that empty void in my heart at the end of a long day that only my children can fill. (Believe me, it’s overflowing at this point.)

I’ve seen every smile and every frown. I’ve heard every laugh, and every cry. I’ve seen every triumph, and every defeat. And I suppose that’s what it’s all about. You take the good with the bad, but at the end of the day, you’re just glad you were there to witness the whole messy, crazy, amazing experience.


6 thoughts on “SAHM I Am – Day 1

    • It’s been a huge adjustment for me, but I realize now how out of touch I really was with my kids. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to get to know them better.

  1. Makes you wonder why anyone would ever be a daycare provider, huh? All the whining, noise, bedtime drama, times multiple families! We do it because we love children….we come to love your children…..we love to help them grow & mature into bright, caring, independant wonderful people! (We’re exhausted, but we love it!)

    • Margaret, I feel so blessed that my girls had been in a wonderful place while I was still working. She took great care of them! Anna loves “Nelle,” and she’ll always have a special place in their lives. :-)

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