How to Turn a Black Thumb Green


If I'm lucky, I'll have tomatoes like this someday. That's a big IF.

I apologize if this post title is misleading. This isn’t an article with great advice on how to grow award-winning tomatoes, or succulent strawberries. Rather, this is a plea for help. 

You see, I do not have one iota of green in my thumbs. In fact, I’ve been known to inadvertently kill nearly every plant I  come into contact with. (I have one houseplant I’ve kept alive for four years, but that is an extreme exception to the rule.) This year, I desperately want a garden, but I fear that my time and money will be wasted when all the plants either whither and die, or don’t come up in the first place. 

I’m fortunate enough that my parents have let me borrow their already-tilled, fenced and fertilized garden to plant beans, strawberries, broccoli, spinach, carrots, and so on. Not only do I want my family to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies that I grew with my own hands, but we also need to supplement our monthly food budget with fresh produce. 

I know the basics, like watering and weeding, but there seem to be so many other tricks of the trade that I’m unfamiliar with or incompetent to perform. But, I guess I’ll never know if I don’t try. I suppose it’s like so many other things, and I’ll just have to learn as I go, er, grow.


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