Inspiration Invitation

I’ve committed to writing a post every day, which means I’ll need a little inspiration from time to time. My friend Dianne and I were just discussing the need for creative stimulus the other day, and she mentioned that she’d found a great way to get her juices flowing by receiving daily short phrases or words from (an iPhone photo app). Below are a few of my favorites from her collection. (And for the record, this girl oozes creativity, so she doesn’t need much help. And yes, that’s actually her closet. I’m really only her friend so she’ll let me rummage through it someday.)

So, I’m looking for a little inspiration from you. Throw out some words, phrases or thoughts, and we’ll see what I can come up with. If only I could write as beautifully as Dianne takes photos (and dresses and designs and creates small human beings)…

See more of Dianne’s awesomeness here: and here

12. inside my closet. #febphotoaday

7. something I wore. fair isle knee socks, turquoise necklace, & bamboo peacock studs. #marchphotoaday

15. car. #marchphotoaday


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