There’s no place like home

“Look what y’all are missing,” said the e-mail from my sister yesterday. Attached were six or seven pictures of the bluebonnets in bloom in Texas, and I’ll admit, they were very beautiful. She said this jokingly, I assume, because she lived in Arlington, TX for several years after she was first married, and my husband and I moved to Salado, TX three weeks after we tied the knot. Our stay was short-lived, but I’m glad we went.

I miss my husband’s family in the Austin area, and we miss the easily-found live country music halls, but other than that, there’s no place I would rather call home than Kansas. I find the flatness truly calming, and the sunsets cannot be beat. Although I’m terrified of tornadoes, and dream of dying in one nearly every night (what does that symbolize?) I have to admit I like the thrill of storm season.

So you can have your oceans, your mountains, your bluebonnets. I’ll keep my glorious wheat fields and genuine people smack dab in the middle of it all, and be perfectly discontent.


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